Why you should be using social media

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Why you should be using social media.

Over the past 10+ years social media has grown into something used by millions of poeple all over the world. It’s not just something for talking to friends and sharing pictures of cats. It can be also be a fabulous marketing tool for your business. Here’s six reasons why we think you should be using it for your company:

Increase brand awareness

By having a social media presence, you make it easier for you customers to find and engage with you. Anyone who likes or follows your pages will see the information you put on social media, if they like or share that post their friends and followers see it, and then those followers share it and so on and so on, the potential is there to get your content in front of thousands of people very quickly.

Its fast & easy

Sharing content on social media is the quickest way of reaching your customers. All you need to do is share the content on you pages and the information is out there.

Get to know your customers

Social media is a great way to connect with your target audience. There is an abundance of information there to be utilised, who you customers are, what they like, and how they feel about your business. Through social listening you can gather customer data that helps you with your business and marketing plans going forward.

It’s also a great place to ask questions of your customer base, see how they feel about a new product, areas for improvement or what they’d like to see you do next. Not only does it help build a relationship with your customers, making them feel they are important and have been listened to, but gives you key insights into how to improve your products, services and marketing strategies.

Run targeted ads

As social media has this wealth of information about its users this means they can offer targeted advertising. You can reach the right audience, being able to target by, location, gender, age, interests, behaviours and connections. You can even see if your adverts are working by viewing the analytics for you adverts and track them in real time. Social adverts are an inexpensive way of promoting your business.

Increase traffic to your website

Every time you post a link back to your website on social media, you are creating a new way for visitors to get to your website. With the potential for this post to be shared and liked several times, the more potential clickers it will reach. The more people who visit the site, the higher your search engine position ranking will be, and the more conversions (people buying or contacting you) you will have (assuming your website is up to scratch too).

See what your competitors are doing

Social media is a great low-cost way of seeing what your competitors are up to. This can help you keep abreast of advances in your industry and also help you to improve your business strategy going forward.

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