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Emails are increasingly being opened and viewed on smart mobile devices. While this may not surprise you; after all, you might also be reading this from your phone; it is something we have put some thought into. What’s more, we figure you ought to as well.

Your email message needs to respond and scaled for the medium. Emails should be responsive and dynamically to the device they are viewed upon. We’ve got that in hand by using Responsive Web Design, which supports any scaling of images and automatically makes the text more legible on smaller screen types.

The next step is to make your email message seamless. If your user follows the call to action on their phone, then you can assume they will be viewing your site on their phone. Web developers aim to deliver on the expectations of the user by ensuring the call-to-action page is optimised for mobile devices.

The same is true for a QR code on a poster or flyer. The app to read the code is on their phone, so the link in the QR code needs to lead to a mobile-friendly page. User expectations can be dashed easily and this will drive people away from your digital message.

So make sure you combine your digital communications and your message to fit the medium they will be viewed on.

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