How To Get More Facebook Likes

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How To Get More Facebook Likes

Many business owners are all wondering how to get more likes on their facebook page. Firstly, buying followers is redundant. It looks unprofessional and makes your business look just like spam – plus these bots will not help build your sales. There is no point to having thousands of “likes” if you’re not getting sales from your social media.

So how do you attract an authentic audience? The easiest way is to promote yourself is to rebuild a connection with the people you have worked with in the past. Unlike fake bought likes, your customers will write glowing reviews about your business which will further entice other visitors on your page. After providing your services or goods, it is beneficial to mention your Facebook page where they can leave feedback. Additionally, it may be strategic to promote your social media pages in your email footers, with a direct link to your business’ Facebook. 

 It is important to keep your social media active. Some potential customers will ask questions regarding your business and it is vital to respond as quickly as possible. A short response time will leave a good impression and make your brand appear dependable. You could also put important information on your Facebook page so that when replying to queries, you can redirect customers to your page instead. 

It may be easiest to begin growing your page by asking friends and family to write good reviews, and then reach out to employees and their inner circles. This is crucial as these reviews will build a trustworthy reputation for your business. It is important to keep the content on your page appealing too. Most people do not want to read long bodies of text, and instead view photos and videos. You can enhance your page by creating shareable content, such as short yet informational videos, however ensure that it doesn’t look like spam. It’s vital to keep your Facebook up to date with information in order to give people reason to even visit your page.