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D35IGN Social Digital Marketing
D35IGN Social Digital Marketing

When it involves effectively marketing your product or brand, there many avenues to consider: Digital websites, social media, blogs, email, online brochures, email newsletters – these are to just name a few marketing platforms for all types of businesses from big or small.

Yet, several forget that videos may also be embedded to their marketing plan and with numerous avenues to launch and host the content there extremely is really no real reason to not give it a go.

This is the most common question asked by businesses in the concept of video marketing and how the concept of video and selling through video media can help you sell your product service or promote your brand.

Below are some suggestions and some concepts which will assist you and to urge to get started:

  • Showcase your product – if you’ve got a great product that you think is fantastic and will sell well, then why not focus of your selling it through video. Show your customers what the product is really like, the quality and the full package of the product and the brand.
  • Explain however it works- does your product need instructions how to use? Produce a “How to guide” or “User guide” on video and let your customers understand specifically however it works. Not solely can they learn a lot from your business however you’ll be able to even use it as media to cross promote a number of other product you have to sell and help to market.
  • Bring your reviews to life – If you product gets great reviews then let people know about it, show your audience the positive reviews you have got and the awareness received from your customers base? Why not ask them to make a feedback review video instead of writing their experience? Seeing somebody talking positive about your product or service will encourage different prospective customers and users into keep coming back to you.

Tips for making a good creative video

Now you’ve got a plan of what idea and type of video you will be making you’ll be able to build. You would also need to understand how to use the content to sell and promote to your client base or end user. Always ensure that quality rather than quantity appeals to your customers.

Why not get personal on your videos? Use your own employees to present the product, a lot of your sales team, know your product inside out and can capture that audience with very few words. A while selling the product you are also selling the brand and your company, so you can also mention awards you won or the recognition you brand have been given or received.

Another nice tip is use great music and sound tracks to your video, many promotional video have background music playing along side the presenter or the product, you have use many sources to obtain good quality music from paid for sites like iStock, Shutterstock, pond5 or Gettyimages or you have the use of site which are royalty free stock like; videvo.net and freestockmusic.com

Upload it! Once you’ve got created your video it’s time to transfer or upload it to the masses. Make sure you choice a suitable platform for instance you can upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or Vine, or even host it on your own website, making sure that the video you have created will be seen and commented on and shared. If not then making the video in the first place and your time would have been wasted.

No matter what you wish to market, please keep in mind the user experience, be original and use great creative photography and music.  And if need any help with digital marketing or producing a top quality sales, training or promotional video, we will be happy to offer our professional services.

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