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There are multitudes of reasons why you should use WordPress as your content management system. Not only is it one of Google’s favourites, but there are many other benefits which we have listed below:

  1. WordPress Updates are easy

WordPress makes it so convenient and easy to quickly make changes to your theme or even add new functionality. The content management system is simple to operate and there’s a vast array of themes and plugins which can be utilised to change the look and functionality of your site.

  1. Optimised WordPress for SEO Blogging

Sites built on WordPress have consistent codes that are easy for search engines to index. Each page also has its own SEO tool to help you manage the page’s keywords, meta description and titles.

  1. Cheap WordPress Design with D35IGN

WordPress is extremely budget-friendly when designing and developing a site and it is equally as affordable to maintain! This allows you to get a reliable and functioning website. 

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WordPress Blogs from D35IGN for further reading and important links:

  1. Fully responsive sites

WordPress web designs are responsive, meaning that they work perfectly on an array of different devices. This means that people will be able to seamlessly navigate your site from any device.

  1. Easy to manage user account

It is very quick and easy to manage multiple users on your account, making running a WordPress site simple. Not only can you add users and alter their access levels, but also view who’s made changes (in order to effectively track progress).

  1. WordPress is secure

This is highly important as without sufficient protection, your private data and entire business may be at risk. WordPress websites contain many layers of security which allow your information to stay safe, backed-up and updated at all times.

  1. Adaptable

WordPress sites are easy to scale and change according to your site’s growing needs. Adding new pages and plugins to increase functionality is simple. 

  1. Seamless social media integration

It’s crucial for all businesses to connect their social media to their website (and vice versa) in order to grow your brand. Luckily, this is easily done with a WordPress website and you can include sharing buttons, links to social media accounts or even use plugins which will automatically schedule and post updates to your socials. 

  1. It’s great for multimedia

 WordPress is such an amazing option as it does not limit you to text alone – it can handle all sorts of media, such as videos, images and audio clips, allowing you to create the most visually appealing website possible. 

  1. Blogging

Due to WordPress’ roots as a blogging platform, all websites include a blog. Blogs are a great way to connect with your audience and promote your content. They are also crucial in creating a strong social media presence!

  1. There’s a great support community

WordPress has an incredibly supportive community who can offer free support if you do not want to reach out to web developers for small edits and changes. Simply ask the community or read through some help guides and you’re sure to find the answers that you are looking for. 

If you’re interested in getting a site built on WordPress or are looking to move your existing site on to WordPress, please contact us and we’d love to help. 

The Advantages of Responsive Websites

Responsive websites are optimised for young people and heavy mobile users who tend to use the Internet on small screens. Responsive websites adjust the content on the page according to screen size, making them highly user friendly.

We offer cheap web designs with responsive layouts, even to ecommerce sites. Some examples of main screen resolution sizes that we target are 320×480, 360×640, 768×1024, 800×1280, 900×1280, 1280×600 and 1920×900.

There are numerous reasons to have a website responsive on mobile, most decidedly the ever-increasing number of mobile device users in the world. Traditionally, browsing the internet on a laptop/desktop was much easier due to its bigger screen, however, that cannot compare to the conveniences that mobile brings. Thus, it is essential to increase user-friendliness for smaller screens, such as by increasing text size, enlarging buttons, etc. in order to attract and keep customers.

Studies done by Google have found that 52% of users are unlikely to engage with a business that has a non-mobile friendly site. In 2012, there were 120 million smart phone owners and 50 million tablet owners and as of December 2012, 27% of total web traffic came from mobile devices. It is estimated that 16% growth in mobile users in every year. This shows just how essential it is to draw these users in for sales to increase.

Surrey Cheap WordPress Website Development

Do you need a business website?
Lots of small or start-up business owners might be asking themselves when they might need a website. Websites range massively in price, functionality, and quality. When you’re first starting out, investing in a website might seem like a waste of money.

We’re going to show you why a website is always worth the investment.

Why does your business need a website?

There are so many reasons why you need a website that really appeals to customers. Here’s the top 6 you need to know about.

  1. Good websites establish good credibility

When users are looking for information or products, they turn to the internet. If you don’t have a website that promotes your service offering, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential customers.

Having a fantastic website that’s full of useful information, quick to load, and user friendly gives you instant credibility and increases your chances of securing a sale or potential leads.

  1. Customers can access your business 24 hours a day

Websites don’t have opening hours; they can be accessed at any point of the day or night when a user is searching. With a well-optimised website, your business can be found by your customer at any time, meaning you might have a sale waiting for you when you start your working day.

  1. Websites are invaluable for marketing

You have an incredible range of marketing opportunities available to you with a website. All your marketing materials can point back toward your site to offer your customers an extra point of contact for your business.

Businesses find paid online marketing for their website incredibly beneficial. Lots of business owners choose to run adverts on social media or via Google AdWords to instantly boost their traffic, raise awareness for their business and service, and make sale or leads.

  1. Websites are incredibly convenient for customers

If you’re selling products, being able to buy from the comfort of their sofas is much more convenient for customers than having to travel and browse in a physical shop. They’re able to make a purchase through your e-commerce site wherever they are, whenever they want to buy, and you reap the rewards.

  1. You can instantly communicate with customers

Your website should be a hub of everything a customer needs to know about your business and is great for improving customer service and customer experience. They should easily be able to find out where you are and how they can contact you. If you’re an eCommerce site, your prices and postage should be listed with every product.

It’s also perfect for promoting any offers you are running or if you have any upcoming events. Use your site to share news of all the exciting things you and the team have been up to as well to add a really personal, approachable feel to your site that customers love.

  1. It’s perfect for sharing reviews

You know you’re great at what you do, and customers who buy from you and use your service do too. Your website gives them a platform to shout about how fantastic you are. Reviews are incredibly influential online and go a very long way in developing that trust which is vital to turn users into new customers.

Final thoughts from us…

When you’re considering whether you need a business website, remember that having a bad site is actually worse than having no site at all. When a user comes onto a site, they expect it to be responsive, easy to use, and quick to load. If you can’t meet their expectations, they’ll bounce away and be left with a bad impression of your business.