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Does your business have a website? If you don’t then you are missing out on a large portion of your target market share. In fact, you are more likely to be losing business because of it. More importantly, do you know why? Old school methods of advertising, such as phone book directory placements, newspaper advertisements just are not effective in the modern world. Because these are in rapid decline and considered ‘old fashioned’.

Due to the advancement of technology, millions of people most likely to find the fastest and easiest way to get the information they need. Nowadays when people need a solution to a problem they turn to the internet. If you do not have a website then potential customers would not be able to find your product or service and they just would not take your business seriously. A website allows you to share your products and services with the whole world instead of limiting yourselves to any local area or market.

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Whether you are a start up company or you have an existing website, we have a broad range of services to benefit your business.

Freelance website designer Kingston upon Thames and Surrey

Researchers say that 80% of people are searching for information online to purchase or looking for services. So your business website may be the first to be visited by that potential customer and you only get that one first impression. Therefore, your website better be a good one. If your website is poorly designed and not easy to navigate chances are your first impression is not going to be a great experience.

The size of your business does not matter. You should have a perfect function and professional-looking website otherwise you will lose your business to your competitors. Your website is a very important part of your business and marketing plan and you need to make sure you have one.

So, your website should be:

  • Easily to navigate
  • Dynamic, rich with content
  • Functional to collect information and data
  • Responsive to all platforms
  • An interesting read or insight into your product or service
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Cheap eCommerce Website design Surrey and Kingston upon Thames

And that is where we D35IGN Website Design coming in as a cheap eCommerce website design company in Walton on Thames.

We create cheap e-commerce and portfolio websites that make our client’s websites look professional following full UX design and user experience.

Google SEO Services: We will optimise your eCommerce website to make sure that people can easily find your website and convert your traffic into paying customers. We have affordable website design packages to suit your business needs.

A properly optimised website means when potential customers search for a product and services you offer they will find your website and they can easily find out more information about you and make a direct purchase. You may think that is a good idea to set up your business website on your own or have a friend or a relative do it because they supposedly know how to. But having someone who is not professionally trained create your website for you is a big mistake.

A website is not a business expense. It is an investment in your company that pays for itself when it is done in the right way. Contact us today on 01932 252133 if you are looking for cheap eCommerce website design in the UK today Our cheap eCommerce Website Design services will really help you to start your business.

WordPress Websites Surrey and Kingston upon Thames – UX Friendly

The Impact Of Colour On A UX – What does UX mean?

UX stands for User Experience, and it essentially covers how a visitor to a website feels about what is in front of them. This could be anything from the content to the functionality to the speed of different pages loading. But an understated yet vital element that impacts upon a UX is the colour of the site. In this article, we will focus on the importance of colour to a website, and how much of a difference that colour can make to somebody’s visit to your web page.

The Impact Of Colour On A UX
To begin with, the colour scheme has to be consistent with the branding of the organisation. While it is possible to experiment with different shades, you generally want people to visit your site and immediately recognise that it belongs to your business. If they were stood 20 feet away from a computer screen, you would want the colours to stand out enough that they still associate the visual with your company. For instance, the logo for Facebook is dark blue as the primary colour with the of being white as a secondary colour, and so the design of the site reflects this, with a blue and white colour scheme.

But what if their site was green or purple or brown mixed with black or yellow? It may look cool, but it would clash with the corporate branding, thus drawing attention away from the page for the user. The UX should have a sense of familiarity, and this is largely determined by the site’s colour scheme.

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Choosing a colour scheme for your website with UX in mind can be tricky, but we can guide you.

Consider the contrast in the colours that are most heavily used on landing pages. White text on a blue background, or black text on a white background, allows the content to look clear. Similarly, any imagery which features a photograph on a backdrop that is the opposite colour of the clothing, the skin or the additional props alongside the people featured in the picture will stand out for the right reasons.

Just imagine, though, a website which featured yellow text on a white background, red text on a purple background, or brown text on a black background. It would become harder to read, and as with a situation where brand consistency is not adhered to, the user’s attention is taken away from what should be an enjoyable and easy visit through the various sections of the web page. You want a UX to be as straight-forward as possible for any visitors, so if poor colour contrasts are in place, this will be less likely to happen.

Hire a Freelance Website Developer Locally in Surrey – Colour Scheme Advice

Lastly, think about the tone that certain colours would emit, and think about how they could vary throughout the year. For instance, yellow is a bright, cheerful, warm colour that evokes a feeling of fun, relaxation and summertime activity. Black, on the other hand, is a dark colour which lacks emotion and occasionally brings about a sense of uneasiness. Now think about the personality of your business and what qualities you wish to attach to the identity of your company.

If your workforce is also upbeat and active, then the likes of yellow and orange would be great colours to focus on when using online promotional material. But could you achieve the same results if you had a black or grey backdrop to photographs of the team on your site and on the related information pages?

Probably not. It is vital to pick colours for your site that reflect how you want your company’s employees to feel, and how you want your customers to feel because colour and mood are very closely linked. As an example, it’s no coincidence that most popular airlines use bright or strong colours for their marketing, because who would want to fly with a carrier whose website and employees are allocated a grey colour scheme?

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Local Kingston upon Thames and Surrey Paid Advertising

If you start running Facebook paid advertising to your local area of Walton-on-Thames, Surrey and Kingston upon Thames and you know Facebook has over a billion active users – this makes it a great platform to use to reach out to your target audience. So, why use Facebook Ads instead of Google Ads? And how should we use these ads to get good results?

Facebook or Google AdWords?
Google Ads and Facebook ads are both forms of digital online advertising, however, with Facebook Advertising the way that you can target people is quite different. With Google AdWords, you are setting up the adverts to show depending on your certain phrases and keywords. With Facebook, however, you don’t need keywords.

With Facebook, rather than waiting for your customer base to look for you, you can display your advert/s to your potential customers locally in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey and Kingston upon Thames. The adverts are a lot more than targeting your target audiences & specific demographics than your searcher’s intention.

Google Ads can become very costly for some small businesses, on both Google and Facebook you can set up a dedicated budget to suit your companies target. Facebook, however, generally has a lower cost-per-click, making it more budget-friendly for the average small local business in your immediate area.

But it is the results that are the most important aspect of your adverts and it is important to make sure your ads are targeted correctly, considering that Facebook has over 1 billion users.

The more specific that your targeting is, the more relevant your traffic will be and then, in turn, your conversion rate will be, this, therefore, means less money wasted for your business.

Researching is Key
To make sure that your adverts are specific and relevant it is important that you spend sufficient time planning and researching your companies target audience.

You don’t have to be perfect but the more accurate and detailed that you are the more relevant your impression is going to be.

What to Target?
It is different for each individual business, therefore each advert campaign that you run for each individual business will be tailored to that business. With business to business targeting, you will, of course, be using a different approach than if you were targeting Business to Customer.

For a Business to business advert I would recommend using:

  • Industry or sector they work in
  • Job titles
  • Pages/posts that they might like
  • If you have knowledge of the types of services, products or professional bodies that your customer might like, this can help you with your advertising targeting.

Optimise for Results
Setting up your Facebook adverts are not just a one time deal, you should not be setting your advert and then forgetting about them. With Facebook it is important that you keep track of your ads campaigns, then you can constantly refine your audience until you have it perfectly set.

Start with your first group of adverts, review the data and then simply make small incremental changes, making sure not to go too far and end up with too small of a target audience.

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