Always remember a brand isn’t just a nice logo

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Always remember a brand isn’t just a nice logo

While in lockdown and the entire global economy and businesses have taken a big hit due to this pandemic. One thing to consider is your company’s current proposition to your market sector and customers. With so many things to consider and changes to adapt, one thing that its worth considering is your brand and visual identity.

Always remember a brand isn’t just a nice logo, some people think once they have a name and a logo for their company, then they have a brand. What they in fact have at that point is just a name and a logo.

A memorable logo is important; it paves the way for effective branding. However, a brand is more than a logo. It’s more than just visual identification. A brand is an emotion behind what someone might feel, see and tastes when they interact with your company on many levels. Your brand is the image behind what your business stands for, believes and strives to accomplish. As a result, your brand becomes your personality and along with that personality comes numerous associations. Therefore, a brand bears much more responsibility than just a logo.

Brand Consistency is important it ensures that both your messaging and visual branding is clearly and consistently applied across all communication channels makes sense, as strong consistent branding reinforces your identity and drives positive sentiment and trust.

One thing that many successful companies have in common that keep a consistency on brand is a brand book or Branding Guidelines – a collection of the brand elements and a detailed description of your brand. By covering every aspect of the brand, this document functions as a strategic guideline for all your marketing and it typically covers: logo, logo variations, logo usage guidelines and examples, typography guidelines, colours, graphic elements, etc. Your brand will need to be reflected by all your marketing collateral to achieve consistency with all public-facing materials.

One great quote on the importance of successful established branding is summed up by a Coca-Cola executive:

“If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.”

We at D35IGN, understand that your brand must appeal to both you and your target audience. By getting to know your organisation, your services and value, as well as your market sector and your customers we help to build, grow and sustain your brand.

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