Some useful timing tips for email marketing

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We’re proud of our email marketing expertise, but we often find ourselves wondering, “if we loved that email, why was the open rate so low?”. There are a number of factors which are crucial to the success of email marketing, but perhaps the most important of these is timing.

To ensure that we’re generating the best open and click-through rates possible, we delved into some top timing tips for the distribution of email campaigns. Combining MailChimp’s research and our own campaign results, we’ve outlined the best and worst times to send an e-mail. So, here’s what you need to know…

Days vs. night? Always day!
It may seem like common sense, but MailChimp studies show that it’s better to send e-mails during the day, whilst people are awake. The buzz of their phone or ping of their laptop will make them more inclined to sneak a look in-between their daily activities.

Avoid manic Mondays.
Our biggest tip would be to stay out of the mad Monday email blast. This is when brands start the week by sending out a vast array of enticing offers. You want to try and avoid this time, or you might get lost in the buzz!

Dodge wild weekends.
For most people, weekends are the busiest time of the week. The last thing on anyone’s mind is checking their emails. Surveys from MailChimp support this, showing that the most significant drop in open rates occurs at the weekend.

Share upcoming events.
Imagine seeing an email campaign for an event, three days after it’s passed? MailChimp studies show that 23% of emails are opened in the first 60 minutes, but the other 77% miss out if the email isn’t sent far enough in advance. By sending out an event email 3-5 days prior to the start date, you will increase campaign awareness and click-through rates. Plus, don’t forget to send a reminder to all those non-openers a few days later!

The best day? Thursday.
Insightful evidence gleaned from surveys by Wordstream and MailChimp suggests that Thursday is the most successful day to launch an email campaign, and Tuesday is a close second. This is a sure fire way to increase your chance of a higher open rate! See some supporting data below…

The best time? Midday.
Research indicates that 2pm is the optimal time to send email campaigns, as a vast majority of workers are back from their lunch hour, and procrastinating at their desks. However, 10am and 11am are also contending times, as most people are settled at work and beginning to check their emails.

So, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to the timing of email campaigns, but these top tips should help you see some improvement! Remember that daytime emails capture the largest audiences… after all, you don’t want your customers to miss that all important 2-4-1 pizza offer!

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