3M new re-usable disposable respirator

Development of sales aids to promote 3M products.

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Assisting in the development of sales aids to promote 3M product.

3M is a multinational conglomerate corporation based in the United States. The company is known for its diversified range of products across various sectors including industry, healthcare, consumer goods, and safety & graphics. Some of its well-known products include Post-it Notes, Scotch Tape, Scotchgard fabric protector, and various healthcare and industrial products.

3M introduced a new re-usable disposable respirator designed to replace its predecessor, boasting significant enhancements while maintaining a familiar appearance shared by many in its category.

Search Engine Ranking London
Search Engine Ranking London

Positioned as a premium offering, this product offers notable improvements, including an enhanced fit crucial for health and safety, reduced weight, and increased durability, resulting in improved cost-effectiveness.

The new respirator model is available in two variants: the 8825+ model, which can be used up to 12 times, and the 8835+, offering an impressive lifespan of up to 50 uses.

In collaboration with 3M’s in-house design department, we conceptualised and developed sales aids and marketing materials tailored for in-person interactions within heavy industry environments. These materials were crafted to vividly highlight the product’s key selling points, ensuring they resonate with those responsible for purchasing decisions.

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